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The Rayleigh is manufactured using only the finest raw materials. Selected hardwood for the frame and cushions. Genuine slate bed covered in 6811 Strachan West of England, 100% pure wool napped cloth.


This exquisite full size professional table offers the very best playing conditions, with 50mm slate, finest quality Strachan cloth and Northern rubber cushions.

  • 10' with Strachan cloth, Northern rubber and 44mm slate (approx)
  • 9' with Strachan cloth, Northern rubber and 38mm slate (approx)
  • 8' with Strachan cloth Northern rubber and 25mm slate (approx)

    8ft full half butt
    9ft half butt only
    10ft half butt only
    12ft half butt and full butt complete with brass ware

    Table Size:

12' 660cm x 480cm
10' 600cm x 450cm
9' 570cm x 435cm
8 ' 510cm x 390cm

The following accessories are supplied with all tables included
within their price

  • Double handed marker board
  • 22 Ball snooker set
  • 3 English Quality Cues
  • Cue Rack for six Cues
  • Triangle

  • Half Butt Set
  • Spider Rest
  • Cross Rest
  • Full Butt Set
  • Table Cover
  • Table Brush

Full Size Connoisseur Snooker Table manufactured in Oak Wood with Turned/Fluted Legs

10x5 Connoisseur Snooker Table manufactured in Ash Wood with Tulip Legs

8x4 Connoisseur Table Manufactured in Oak Wood With Turned/Fluted Leg and Square Frame

Click Here for Leg Options

Accessories supplied with tables
One Set of Full Size Snooker Balls, One Matching 4 Man Scoreboard, One Matching Triangle, One Matching 6 Clip Cue Rack, One Table Brush, 2 Snooker Sports Special Ash Cues, Brass Cross Rest complete with Shaft, Brass Spider Rest complete with Shaft, Half Butt & Full Butt complete with Brassware,

Brass Table Hooks, Chalk and Colour Matched to Customers Specification

All accessories supplied with solid brass fittings
Wide Range of Second Hand Full Size Snooker Tables